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The Shimmering Sands
Sarah Schachner Lyrics

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Makes me want to go back to this game again. Odyssey never really did the same for me as Origins did.

A Camel Who likes Coke

@Luigi Veau that’s really your opinion but from a story telling perspective no, Kassandra falls really flat, better then Alexios but doesn’t show any huge character development or emotion like Bayek. Bayek changes in the story and can express many emotions without being set on one, He is funny but can be extremely serious. But it’s really your preference in the end of the day

imadedd ine

@Luigi Veau is she ?

Luigi Veau

@Julian J OH no, Kassandra is a way better character than Bayek.

Julian J

@Valerie Davis Origin's story flowed way better. Plus Bayek is a better character than Alexios and Kassandra in my opinion

Valerie Davis

I definitely love both, but I agree with you. Origins, for whatever reason, just really stuck with me and is still my favorite game.

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Gustavo Alonso Rendón García

This song remminds me of the shimmering sands of Assassin's creed origins

Elia Tagliente

Who would have tought


@TheDreamManifester u dont get it do u

AVSM Backup vids


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