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The Gaming Spartan

Assassin's Creed: Origins has been my favorite Assassin's Creed since the Desmond series ended. And this music, even before I got into the game for my very first time, blew me so far off my seat and captivated me for endless hours on end. If I could experience Assassin's Creed: Origins for the very first time again, I would. I loved it so much. I felt so much attachment to the characters.

I hated how Odyssey had you choose between two bland characters with equally bland origins in a baron world with hardly any historical ties to Assassin's Creed since it came before Origins.

I love when a game gives you a protagonist and supporting characters to actually care about. I felt Bayek's urge for revenge for the death of his son. I felt Aya growing distant from Bayek. I went through his pain, his suffering, his sorrow. I felt good when I killed someone as Bayek knowing I was avenging the death of his son. I went through HIS story. That's what I want. I want THEIR stories in Assassin's Creed. Not mine. I hate Odyssey and will continue to hate Odyssey probably forever. Maybe even for that reason alone. It's so boring and lifeless, not to mention the voice acting hurts so bad it rips me out of what little immersion I had.

I wish it was a new trilogy about Bayek or the Assassins to come immediately after Bayek. As, I think Bayek, was always intended to be forgotten. For his journey ended. Buried beneath the sands of time. To watch the Assassins come to be based off Bayek's life was so...fulfilling. It truly felt full circle. The leap of faith Bayek's father taught to him, and then almost Bayek to his son became a staple in Assassin history as how they leap off tall structures and monuments. Bayek losing his ring finger on accident due to mishandling of the hidden blade, becoming a staple in Assassin history as a signet of bondage to the Creed but to also allow the blade to more easily pass through the fingers of an Assassin. And the little bird skull outline in the sand when dropped. The icon of the Assassins. It. Was. Perfect.

And then Odyssey came in and killed all hope and wonder, and as far as I'm concerned it's non-canonical garbage.

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This made me not want to press start

Nah 465

Same here

Quinten White


Jemange Dupain

hahahah saaame

#Neo gamer Omega#

U should hear odyssey's main menu song, u start the game with full bars of adrenaline for yourself!

Jay B

@Dante Ch you played on 30fps? OUCH!

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Lord Skara

Origins > Odyssey

Annalisa Dance

@Rogue FBI Agent Mendez
It's not just that. It's a genuinely poorly designed RPG and a bad AC game. I hope Valhalla improves on it.

Annalisa Dance

U knowing Greece personally doesn't make odyssey equal. I think origins is better but I've been to the Minotaur's labyrinth irl, and never to Egypt


alias youre nothing to judge him lol , and youre not ubisoft to say this

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