Body and Soul
Sarah Vaughan Lyrics

My days have grown so lonely
For you I sigh, for you dear only
Why haven't you seen it
I'm all for you body and soul

I spend my days in longing
I'm wondering why it's me you're wronging
I tell you I mean it
I'm all for you body and soul
I can't believe it
It's hard to conceive it
That you'd turn away romance
Are you pretending
It looks like the ending
Unless I could have one more chance to prove, dear

My life a wreck you're making
You know I'm yours just for the taking
Oh baby, you know I surrender myself to you

Body and soul


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Comments from YouTube:

K Osman

My humble opinion, but I think this is the best version, out of all her versions and anyone elses.

Robert Collins

This version is absolutely stellar, and the sparse trio context allows Sass to stretch the melodic and rhythmic boundaries as only she can. However, in an "apples & oranges" light, Ella's version with Nelson Riddle is equally stunning, though she is more constrained by the arrangement w/ full orchestra. But wow, what an orchestration by the master!

Lyla George

monica bella I disagree, Sarah’s has got to be the best version

monica bella

K Osman it belongs to Billie Holiday! But Sarah's version is fine also.


Couldn't agree with you more. Definitely the best version ever. Her voice was at its best and she floats like a butterfly softly weaving to the boundaries of perfect pitch and innovation.

Jonathan Lee

When Sarah sings this song I think of soft and velvety. When Billy sings this song I think moody and luscious. Both sing this song so well.


It's so amazing how she twists and stretches the melody and phrasing to make this standard so uniquely her own, and make us listeners feel like we're hearing it for the first breathtaking

Ran Blake

Debbie Well said


...they just don't make 'em like this anymore!


I feel like I’m being hypnotized.

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