Sashamon Lyrics

She s a cutie a super hottie
She s a sweety not to naughty
I love when she s near me
it s so easy for her to please me

My malia

I wish I was with her So I could kiss her
I wish she was here so I could hold her near
When she s with me it was so easy to be
She seemed to know just what I need

My malia

She had to go far away
I hope I see her again some day
She is gone who knows for how long
I ll never forget the time we have spent

My malia

I ll never forget the time we have spent
My cheerleader
I really miss ya
My malia

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Comments from YouTube:

Christopher Osorio

My wife and played this for my daughter malia on her first birthday. My wife passed away of breast cancer, this brings all together for my malia's birthday. Da kine!

Clara Simonis

Im so sorry for your loss, My cousin Malia passed more than 10 yrs ago crashed her tacoma driving after drinking and in a fight with her bf, her and I share the same birthday, I always listen to this on our birthday in remembrance of her! Many blessings to you and your Malia 😘 may she feel her mothers spirit whenever she needs. Forever connected by love 💗💞💓 Malia is a beautiful girl


Sorry for you loss braddah god bless you folks hope all is well 🤙🏾


Bless You and Malia with comfort and peace of knowing you will see each other again. One Love My Brother.

Creatures Of Northern Cali

one love to you and your daughter


@Christopher Osorio stay strong brother x

Raquelly Portela

Muita vibe


Named my daughter Malia, she’s so cute and I love her so much. This song is pretty rad, makes me wanna go surfing


I love you Yareth ❤️

luciano severo


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