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Necta (butterfly)


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I met a girl today
I couldn't believe it
Birds they flew around her
A butterfly on her shoulder

I saw her walking down the street
Was like a dream
I gave her a flower
But she didn't need it

Cause she's so sweet
Birds they flew around her
She's so necta
A butterfly on her shoulder

I Say I wanna talk to you and get to know you
She say she's got to go to a party maybe I'll see you there
I Wanna be her man and I think I can
So I can hold her hand and be close to her

Like wings of the butterfly my hearts a flutter
I Wish she was mine but I'm such a boy

Wanna take her to my room
Fill it with her sweet perfume
Leave a note for her when I go

Wanna be her man
I think I can
So I can hold her hand
And be close to her

She's so sweet,.

Wish I was like the butterfly
Close to her

Writer(s): Sasha Makia Spiller-reiff

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amazing song


great song and great video. thanks hobah!

unite entierly

precious & organic... I bet she is. Thank you sashamon. How's it from Colorado!

Pick A Dub


Sallmon sal

dem GoOd gOod vibes

Julio Cesar



@MrJimyacking you said it dude