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Chakara Chahin: Mangala Charan of Jaap Sahib for Intuitive Proje
by Satkirin Kaur Khalsa

Chakara chahin ar baran jaat ar paat nahin jeh.
Roop rang ar rekh bekh ko-uu keh naa sakat keh.
Achal moorat anabav prakaash amatoj kahejay
Kot indra indraan saa-heh saahaan ganajai
Trabhavan maheep sur nar asur nayt nayt ban trin kahet
Tav sarab naam kathai kavan karam naam barmat sumat

No one can give any explanation of His form, dress, outline and complexion.
God's form is stable, He is self-illuminated, with immeasurable power.
God is the king of millions of kings, and the King of kings of gods.
God is the Lord of three worlds (land, air, water) not only gods, men and demons, but the whole vegetable world announces that none is equal and alike God.
None can utter all of Your names. Wise men who realise Your virtues, call You in the same way.

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