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Drunk Exercise
Savage-C Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Savage-C:

Chris Hates Everybody Everybody hates Chris, c'mon all together Everybody hates Ch…
Fight Club They came to ride then they gon ride They came…
I Don't Care (I don't care I don't care) No more Mr. Nice Guy It's…
Pills What are you tryna do got bout 50 on me Took…

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Comments from YouTube:

Neicy B

Do y'all know this dance?

Neicy B

Cita Baybee LOL!! Same Sis!

Cita Baybee

I know parts of it Lmaoooo


This video is hilarious! I wanted to ask you a question. I know you haven't been in a Korea for a while, but how limited were you in making Jamaican dishes over there? I'm thinking of teaching abroad and that's one of the things I'm worried about.


omg hahaha I fricken loved this video!! thank you for the content neicy <3

Neicy B

Cassandra Thank youuu!! I struggled lol but we made it 😂


I learn dances better drunk🤷🏿‍♂️

Animated Shorts

Here before this channel goes viral!

Strika Tegu

My Girl, a Kartel say Tic Tok, Tic Tok, Bruck it, set it, Bruck it, set it. "Fever"

Bossup Ray

Your funny

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