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Robert Downey
Savage-C Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Savage-C:

Chris Hates Everybody Everybody hates Chris, c'mon all together Everybody hates Ch…
Fight Club They came to ride then they gon ride They came…
I Don't Care (I don't care I don't care) No more Mr. Nice Guy It's…
Pills What are you tryna do got bout 50 on me Took…

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Comments from YouTube:

Thaddeus Baddeus

If you are reading this comment, then you are clicking on the right things. Well done.


Oh how I love Savage C...


Def jam like a Hellen Keller/Russel fight


make this song part of the SAT, necessary knowledge

Jake McCoy

I'll pay you for any sav c that I can't find on the web. I am desperately searching with no luck

Brandon Sergeon

@Chris Benton I'd pay 130 for that. I really want the Chris hates everybody album. I don't even care if it's the actual album or some mp3s in my email.

Chris Benton

@Brandon Sergeon I bought GPK off some cat about 3 days ago for $130 signed and framed. From what K Dinero told me was there were only about a 100 pressed.

Dylan Johnston

What happened to this man?

Brandon Sergeon

@brettdajett444 more paying someone for their time.

Brandon Sergeon

@brettdajett444 nothing ridiculous. I'd pay a little bit for the album Chris hates everybody. Like 50 range for them to be emailed to me

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