Savage After Midnight
Savage After Midnight Lyrics

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10 Feet Tall She says my name belongs in lights Shining bright She says m…
Heartless Machine Save yourself. I′ll stay behind. They're coming out to get y…
King I′m puttin' my foot down, we′ll finally end this No warnings…

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Still rockin my socks 4-2020. ✌


Amazing, S.A.M is going to go from the under dogs to become a band known across the world. You guys have it in you and have good spirits to bring what people want. You are the new generation of rock. But keep up the great work🤘🏼


Went down a rabbit hole which started with Styx Renegade and it ended here cause I can't stop listening to these guys


Fuck dude holy shit this song is soooo underrated. Great job guys. Great hook heavy and the the smoothness with the verses


That vocal range 🖤


My 14 year old son and I were standing back looking at merch, when this guy came over and started talking to us. That was so awesome of him to do that! He's really down to Earth. We bought 2 shirts and I left my card. One of them(I think it was one of the guitarists) brought my card ousidet to me. Luckily, we were standing outside talking to Taking Dawn for a few minutes or I would have left without it. Taking Dawn also gave us free cd's. All around great guys in both bands. Thanks. Btw, I would have asked for a pic, but my crappy phone's memory was full. =(


I wish this shit was bigger than what it is!! I love the intense vocals at 0:33 and 1:41 it literally amps me up through the roof even in my deepest moments of depression hearing that aggression and sound brings me out of whatever bullshit I’m going through!


This is such an amazing song. The music video makes it 10x better.


I love this song ♡ saw you guys in dallas with NYD and rivals<3


You really need to do an album. You are excellent guys!!

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