Scarlette Fever Lyrics

So here am I
A flock of white swans drift slowly by
A ballerina dissolves in my eye
I'm still the girl with the beautiful smile
The apple of my Daddy's eye.

Innocence as soft as summer rain
Bitter sweet, the dull of Novocaine.

Tell everybody I'm elated
Armour plated
Coz nothing penetrates the make up
I'm all grown up
Just killing time.

So why am I
Still building sandcastles in the sky
While I'm losing the will to survive
I lie here watching the days drift slowly by
Raise my head up and wonder why.

Fairytale and daisy chains have died
Promises so sweet deceive me and I.

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Track "Scarlette Feve

Writer(s): Andrew Wright, Karen Louise Barrow

Contributed by Alexis D. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Scarlette Official

Thanks for the positive comment! Glad you love it. Mastering new tracks this week so new music will be coming soon!

Harry Sinnett

As a guitarist / singer / occasional songwriter, I will give you one of the best compliments that I have ever gotten. You write and sing with a lot of feeling. This song sounds like it's from your heart, thank you for sharing. Very well done, I really like your voice.

Scarlette Official

Thank you for your lovely comment :)

Scarlette Official

Thanks for the comments everyone, if you want to come and see a gig, check out the links above! S xx

Scarlette Official

So glad you enjoyed it, Amber! Loving this multiple digital interaction we're having at the moment.


Such a great pure song. Would not sound strange on a 90s radio station, and that is a huge compliment

Scarlette Official

Thanks :)

Scarlette Official

Hi Molly! So glad you loved 'Elated' - it's one of my favourites and one I've been playing live again recently.... Feel free to share it on your social media to spread the Fever! And don't forget to sign up to my mailing list for exclusive news - go to my website (in the video description) and you can sign up there!

john arnold

The super 8 movie could have been my childhood, except I had no bikini!!!!!! The song is one of those you have heard all your life and will continue to...... A classic!!!


I don't know why but this goes so well with Jar of Hearts. They're just perfection together. I've been listening to them on repeat! I love this song so much!

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