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Sci-Fi Scheme Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Sci-Fi Scheme:

I Need U I woke in the night To find you in my arms In…
I Need You I woke in the night To find you in my arms In…

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Frank Steps along the journey

Question 1
May header buttons (News Blog), which is how I want to use the destinations (new) and destinations- Jamaica (Blog), which is the button that works goes nowhere. Gallery also goes nowhere. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. If you can help me reinterpret how the buttons should work.
Question 2
On your page where you have Travel tips, I have three buttons Podcast Library, News Blog, Video's What I want all of the buttons on the header, footer, and buttons to go to these pages. Maybe these pages should be on the main page I am not sure, but they need to connect. Your video has gotten me thus far, and I am close to the finish line. I hope?
Question 3
How do I get the writing to appear on the video in the beginning?
PS: You said we didn't need to buy Elementor. I Have purchased it but can't figure out the value.

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I make no money offering free support, but love to do it. Simply leave your comments and/or
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@Aida Cassiano So it sounds like restarting your browser might have fixed the problem? If your web host is hostgator there should be no reason to adjust your php.ini, I have about 100 sites in my account and never got that message :-) Thanks for the update, what browser are you using as that can make a difference?

Aida Cassiano

Hello! I first watched your entire video, now I am actually doing it, following your steps. Just uploaded the theme Ocean WP from your site, going to install it, I got the message "The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini". What that means and what should I do in order to fix it? Thank you. UPDATE: I found out that I could edit the file php.ini. The parameter was originally 50M, I edit it to 100M, it didn't work, I ended increasing it to 500M, still not worked. (>>>> pause to sleep, househould chores, read the news about coronavirus.... etc etc...<<<<<) Today, after restarting my computer, I just tried again and I could install it, it seams to be working fine. So, I decided to keep my question here and update it, so other people could benefit from my experience. Stay safe everyone, stay focused and hopeful, make plans, be flexible! Thank you Yoda and team, it is been a nice thing to do, learning from your videos. Aida, from Brazil.


@Kristina Nelson WordPress allows you to update your plugins, Go here for instructions: Step 16 - 00:29:11 How To Update Plugins

Kristina Nelson

i don't have update plug in with my version of word press?


@Chan Hing Wan, This is possibly a browser issue. I use Firefox and Chrome. Safari and opera are not a reliable for uploading and installing. Keep me posted as uploading or any other files provided should not be a problem.

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Joshua Roberts

Watched 15 minutes of the video and I'm already in love with Wordpress


Awesome! Best of luck on your new WordPress website!

Irving Robbins

Fantastic elementor for beginners video yoda. I've seen a few of these, but yours is one of the best out there.


I always love hearing from satisfied users like yourself. So glad my how to make a Elementor website tutorial was worth the time you invested.

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