Show and Tell Me Baby
Scream Lyrics

Never learned my lesson, is it wrong way?
What you doing to yourself boy?
If you play with fire they say you gotta pay
What you doing? What you doing?
But what can I do? They're everywhere
Who you fooling but yourself, boy?
I just saw her standing there

Just show and tell me, baby
Show and tell me maybe

On your way to school do you get good grades?
What you doing for yourself, girl?
Is that where you learned to walk this way?
What you doing? What you doing?
If I don't get you I know someone will
Who ya fooling but yourself, girl?
So go ask your mother if you can come out and

Just show and tell me, baby
Show and tell me maybe

Contributed by Lucas Y. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Tell It Aaron

Join the Patreon, I won't be charging anyone during the current Pandemic, but you'll still get the animations from the main channel early, full-sized illustrations and full-sized infographics:
And thanks for watching, this one has been a long time coming, more speed-arts to come in the next few weeks! - Aaron L

Brian Burke

Lakewood slasheris better than Ghost face a teen in a Robe with a knife Brandon was an actual 94 serial killer plus 4 people played him Audrey Piper Kieran and Stavo all ghost face does is stab stab with lakewood slasher each kill is different plus hes way more savage IMO scream reboot should be Stavo and Kevin Duvall against Sidney

Jose TheClassicStarWaraFan

@Tell It Aaron thanks man!👍 keep up the great work!!

Tell It Aaron

@Jose TheClassicStarWaraFan It was unlisted for a little bit before going public!

Jose TheClassicStarWaraFan

You just uploaded this video! Why does it say that you posted this comment 7 hours ago?!


I’ve been a supporter of both channels from nearly the beginning and love your work, can’t wait for you to reach 1 mil on Tell it Animated!

Tell It Aaron

Thanks my man!

Tal cat

You are awesome

Jose TheClassicStarWaraFan


Marian Ion

Season 2 is my favorite
I never seen season 3

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