Still Screaming
Scream Lyrics

What I say is what I say
And what I do is what I do
What I want I want today
Right now I just want to get through to you

Might make you happy, might make you sad
By telling you things that make you mad
We may fall, but we will grab
All the thoughts we thought we never had
Still screaming

Your eyes to the ground
Your head’s in a splay
Once you feel the pain it won’t go away
You can’t leave it - just reave it - believe

What we believe is what we believe
And if you compromise you’re still just deceived
Your life’s a life and one life can be reaved
But what you feel, it can never be seized

And now
I’m still screaming

Might make you happy, might make you sad
By telling you things that make you mad
We may fall, but we will grab
All the thoughts, the thoughts we never had

Still screaming!

Contributed by Joshua H. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Skinny J

Just hearing this for the first time. I'm assuming it's also my neighbors first time too.

Skinny J

13013obo Bob still listening to it! Lol

13013obo Bob


L.A. Childhood

kent stax of the best punk drummers imo

Xavier Payne

whos dave grohl?




Exactly... the best bands have the best drummers... and he is pure poetry and perfection...!


Kent Stax is the current and ORIGINAL drummer...played first three albums Still Screaming, This Side Up and Bang the Drum. Grohl did No More Censorship, but it was not a Dischord album, but RAS (I believe). The band came back to Dischord for "Fumble" with Dave G. That was the bands last record before the split and Dave went north to Seattle...and into history. Scream reformed, have recorded new material, and in 2017 toured the UK and they did a tour out west in Vegas, Long Beach, San Diego and LA...they are currently recording again (2018) in California.

Shawn Connell

came out in 1982.....that means most of this was written in 1980/81......amazing....and to think back then most people were only paying attention to DK, Black Flag, Exploited......such a shame, this is unbelieveable!

Tina L Connell

@Almighty Kevin right , recorded 82

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