This Bud's for Me
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This bud's for me
This bud's for me

Overall Meaning

The chorus of Screeching Weasel's song "This Bud's for Me" may seem like a simple declaration of self-indulgence. However, upon closer inspection, the lyrics reveal a deeper meaning that speaks to the human condition. The repeated phrase "This bud's for me" could be interpreted as a statement of personal sovereignty in a world that often demands conformity. The singer is embracing their individuality and asserting their right to make choices for themselves, even if those choices are frowned upon by others.

Furthermore, the use of the word "bud" could also be a double entendre for marijuana, which adds another layer of meaning to the song. Marijuana has long been a symbol of rebellion and counterculture, so by declaring that "This bud's for me," the singer could be expressing a desire to push back against societal norms and claim their own identity.

Overall, "This Bud's for Me" is a song about independence, self-discovery, and the importance of staying true to oneself. In a world that often tries to impose its will on us, it's important to remember that sometimes the only person we can rely on is ourselves.

Line by Line Meaning

This bud's for me
This marijuana is only intended for my own consumption and enjoyment.

I don't need your company
I want to smoke alone and do not desire the presence of others.

So go ahead and pour yourself a beer
Feel free to drink alcohol while I choose to indulge in marijuana.

And fuck your macho shit
I reject the traditional masculine ideas of drinking and prefer to do what makes me happy.

I get a little bit more out of every day
When I smoke marijuana, I feel like I am able to appreciate life more fully.

'Cause I don't give a damn about the things you say
The opinions and criticisms of others do not bother me when it comes to my personal choice to smoke marijuana.

I've got no reason to hang around
I do not need to stay and socialize with others who do not share my interests in marijuana.

I'd rather be high than listen to the sound
Marijuana provides me with a more enjoyable experience than being around others who may not share my interests.

Of your voice talking 'bout the things you've found
I am not interested in listening to others talk about things that do not interest me, such as their experiences with alcohol or other drugs.

This bud's for me
Once again, this marijuana is only intended for my own consumption and enjoyment.


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