Dog House Boogie
Seasick Steve Lyrics

(Here come the 3-string Trance Wonder!
We gon' do the Dog House!)

(Oh yeah)

All my life I been in the dog house
I guess that just where I belong
That just the way the dice roll
Do my dog house song
We gon' get pers'nal now

Ain't the kinda blues ya have for one day
Ya have it ya whole life long
Ya got ta be a professional
To sing the dog house song

Aoooh! Ooh oohooh
Aoooh! Ooh oohooh
Aoooh! Mmh mmhmmh
Sing the dog house song!
Dog house!
The dog house
The dog house!
Ya hear my dog house song

I'm gon' tell mah story:
Now my mom an' dad broke up when I was 4 years old
When I was seven she went and got herself another man; it was hell, y'all
I left home 'fore I was 14 years of age; I figured I'd do better on my own
But then followed eleven years of bumb'lin' around and livin' kinda hand-in-mouth
Sometimes gettin' locked up an' somet- sometimes just goin' cold and hungry
I didn't have me no real school education,
So what in the hell what I was gonna be able to do?
But I always did pick on the guitar; I used to put the hat out for spare change
But now I'm makin' this here record and I'm still tryin' to get your spare change
I don't know why went wrong but it ain't bad now
And I just keep playin' my dog house music
Sing the dog house song...!
Aoooh! Ooh oohooh
Aoooh! Ooh oohooh
Aoooh! Ooh oohooh
Sing the dog house song...!
Dog house!
The dog house, hah j-
The dog house! hooh, hoo
Sing the dog house song!
Dog house! A'right yeah
Dog house! Oh do it I'm-
Dog house! Do it ow-
Sing the dog house song
Sing the dog house song!
Sing the dog house song! Yeah
Sing the dog house song!
Sing the dog house song!
I'll sing the dog house song! Yeah
Sing the dog house song! Y'all
[Repeat, Fade]

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Comments from YouTube:

Fernando Alva

O youtuber é maravilhoso, apenas a uma semana me indicou videos dele, e é incrível como nunca tinha ouvido esse grande artista.

Stewart Rhodes

His stories were all made up

Mike Rawlins

Love this dude. He is music, he's always thinking outside the box, he follows no one, he makes nothing sound good, HE IS SEASICK STEVE.

Jürgen Rohde

Das ist das Herz der Musik. Bin jeurgen aus Germany. Und liebe Musik. Bleibt. Gesund..

Quentin Fernandez

what a superb story thru song. loved the beat and the style.

dodiakiraly dodiakiraly

We love you and your music...respect from Hungary :)

mike duffy

Can't wait see him in Liverpool

Andre Adorno

Let's gooooo


Simply WOW! I miss the superaltives to describe my feelings....Great musician!

Huszár László

great music the best of all time

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