Seasick Boogie
Seasick Steve Lyrics

Here come another 3-string trance boogie
For your listenin’ pleasure

This here a song that’s called the seasick boogie
I don’t know why I call it that
Just come out that way
I kind alike this next part comin’ up here
It comin’ pretty soon
Alright, here it come now

Now here the boogie part

Hear what I’m sayin?

Seasick boogie
Yeah, the seasick boogie
Yeah, the seasick boogie
Yeah, the seasick boogie

When I young
All the things I done
Rolled in one
Make me
Who I am
Who I am

The seasick boogie
Yeah, the seasick boogie
Oh, the seasick boogie
Yeah, the seasick boogie

Alright, break it down now
Break it down now
Yeah, the seasick boogie
Come on and boogie

Contributed by Avery F. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Anne O Connor

I love this man
at bob Dylan concert in limerick Ireland seen Steve for first time way way better than bob Dylan

Lasse Herskind

i like how he's written ''seasick'' on the guitar head -lugalbanda

Nate Smith

here come the boogie part... cool song! thanks for posting

Colin M

this guy i soooo good

Nacho Vera

this guy did understand everything..

Peter Holmes

I'm the 2,000th viewer. Go me!

Max Allan

He's gettin down to da bone...YESSAH ..

Sparky Nelson



merci beaucoup un fan de france

Nick Whitestar


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