Sebii Lyrics

I know you know
I know you know
I know you know-oh-oh-oh

Bae, I told you "Hey" (Hello)
Gotta go count all of my cake
Go to a bank, open a safe
Now we are safe, just do what I say
Just do what I say, say, we gotta run
If they gon' chase, you know they got a gun
All of this cash, we thought it was so fun (Yeah)
They might just kill me for all of my funds
All of my sins, I want it undone
I feel like Icarus
I got too close to the sun
I got too close to the sun
I got too close

Life is too sweet, just like glucose
Pop like a toaster 'cause I am too toast
Yeah, I move too slow
Yeah, I move too fast
My pockets got too fat
Yeah, they like, "Damn, you got them bands"
You got a lot, can't hold a hand
You got to flop, you got the guap
You got a lot, you got a lot, lot, lot, lot
The first time you gеt a taste, you think it's so enticing
It's something that you'vе never had, indeed it's very exciting
The second time you get a taste, you notice you keep on biting
Yeah, it's so rich in it's flavor, you can't just put it down in writing
The third time you just craved, but you couldn't get a bite
So you chased and chased and drowned in disgrace to your waste
You needed a fix, this feeling you couldn't face
You gotta go to the safe

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