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Every Word Everything
September Stories Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by September Stories:

Detatched Even through a crowd of a hundred people I still feel…
Every Word, Everything Lover's embrace helps you to get to sleep at night But…
I Would Have Given Anything... And did I forget the words that you told me Played…
I'd Give Anything to Feel Something She looks at me and says that she can't help…
Let Love Bleed How could it end this way? I thought I had done…
Love Is (Not) Blind And I've been trying to prove That I can live despite…
Mess Do you remember when you both first met? That light in…
To Feel Normal He's worked an 8 to 5 for the past 25…
Unopened Letter And dear love This is the fifth time that I've written…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


"How do you look him in the eye when you come home?
He spends his days laboring for you
Completely uninformed of what you do on a nightly basis
When did it ever get this bad?
When did you become invested in this second life you have?
And lose all interest in the one supporting yours
He would have given anything in his life to keep you
But we all know that isn't what you'd do"

ouch!! fucking bullseye!!!!

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History Decoded

Dreambound is one of the very few consistent music discovery hubs, very impressed

Weston Bevins

This band is so good. You can hear the passion in these songs, this band needs more exposure for sure

Swiggity Swootie

This song makes me want to cry my eyes out because I fear my girlfriend is doing the exact same thing to me. I'm just too scared to confront it. 😔

Yung Memory 631

Aaron Mansour i felt this way with my ex and i had to break up cus she was mad weird and nothing was addin up


i know how you feel bro. i get resentment really bad and i push my girlfriend away and its just so blurred to me of what i am doing, its that fear of her cheating on me or anything that is causing me to freak over nothing. i know how it is. broken people take awhile to heal, just have to man up and talk to her about it. key is to open up or else that fear is a ticking timebomb without a clock. trust me. its real.

Vasco Machado

Aaron Mansour like what the others have said, it's a gut feeling. You're obviously feeling that way for some reason or another. Best to find out. It could really fuck you up in the long run

Vasco Machado

Aaron Mansour it just recently happened to me. Found out in December. First happened in October, when I found out about the first time. I forgave her, cause I was stupid to not let go. She was my everything. Then over the the next couple of months, I knew something was up. I could tell when she was lying. Especially since my trust for her kinda died when I had first found it. But I never wanted to Believe it. I was scared of the truth. And sure enough, she was still going behind my back with the same guy she had said she was done with. After everything I did for, and would have continued to do, she threw it away to have a couple of Nights with another guy? Love sucks, especially when what happened to me was with my first love. She's broken my trust with future people :( //this song is perfect tho, thanks September Stories

Swiggity Swootie

Thanks man. I appreciate your feedback. It's that kind of fear that makes you feel like your heart is being rung out like a wet dish rag. We've both invested a lot into this and I just don't want to see it get thrown away.

danny pack

I don't think there's one single September Stories song that doesn't make me cry my fucking eyes out

Mario Garofano

This might be even better than the previous album, holy shit. <3

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