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Love Is Blind
September Stories Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by September Stories:

Detatched Even through a crowd of a hundred people I still feel…
Every Word, Everything Lover's embrace helps you to get to sleep at night But…
I Would Have Given Anything... And did I forget the words that you told me Played…
I'd Give Anything to Feel Something She looks at me and says that she can't help…
Let Love Bleed How could it end this way? I thought I had done…
Love Is (Not) Blind And I've been trying to prove That I can live despite…
Mess Do you remember when you both first met? That light in…
To Feel Normal He's worked an 8 to 5 for the past 25…
Unopened Letter And dear love This is the fifth time that I've written…

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Comments from YouTube:


i'm pretty sure i'm at least 150 of the 200 plays on this video... i can't stop listening to it.
do you guys have lyrics up for this album?


i just found them and i am so in love, it's been a while since a band has made me feel this way


All aboard the emotional train of feels. :')


The one dislike must be the person who hurt this beautiful boy

Amirouche Medkour

i don't understand what your song have but make the person be him self , just love u guys

Ana Godina

Ugh. This makes my heart ache. 🖤 (In a good way)

Jacob Andros

So fucking beautiful 😭😭


so good :')

Asyim Ashari


Michelle Thompson


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