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by Serdce

Loosing my feelings. releasing myself
You wont understand
My thoughts are awake. weakness feels tired
You're not gonna get me
I'm flying away. not leaving a change for compassion
Run, run again. roots placed good for nothing connection
I despise the life. condemn the death
Rise like a fire between furious flooks
Here die. here-give your head away to the blooks
Freedom is showing off. ugliness is petty
Scutched face-face of harmony,
Touched by icons the preacher of teared up soul
Slauting faith very blind wisdom
I'm satisfied with sacred feed
"me" forbids me to speak of what i am sick
Avaricious craftiness old hope
The edge is a thin-thin string
Not to live life to the end... there to be quiet
Believe- or don't believe, you won't change reality
For brand new paradise day
There is an invitation to sleep.!. to sleep never ending sleep
The end fades away. looses its beginning
I'm sick of eternity which is imprisoned in dirt
My mind sinked, fell to the bottom
Slauting faith. very blind wisdom
I'm satisfied with sacred feed
"me" forbids me to speak of what i am sick
How will be then. i won't forget
Awaken shame of eatings,
A lot of insults and vanity of tiresome faces
Loosing my feelings...

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Ovidiu Simion

on Into Shambhala

- Into Shambhala -

...I'm following the way of labor,
Following the way of faith's shield...
I'm coming listening to my heart,
My steps are persistence and tirelessness
I'm looking for you,
The land of the worthy and ambitious ones,
Of souls shining with purity,
For you, beyond the eye's reach,
For evil and vice incorruptible land

- Samadhi -

Could you escape yourself
Could you combine two selves,
Where's your harmony's gate,
How would you cheat the fate?
I would chose one truth to follow
I'll endow my heart with sense
I'd look forward to tomorrow,
Let is step inside my fence

Stay in my arms of flowers here
Beautiful life is up to be
Take your chance of feeling free
Can you see Samadhi?

You are just mortal flesh
Pliable to lie as to hash
Are you so poisoned with
Your intoxicant dreams?
I would fight off any liar
Burn myself on lie's bonfire
Dreams are finite, lie's a threat,
But my hope is infinite

Of feeling free
Can you see

- Omens -

Why are you here, what's the reason
For you to count days and dusks
To watch each coming circle of seasons
Of life so splendid and at last

Receive a mysterious message -
For you assigned important presage
Who are you here: hunter? prey?
Would you die or would you stay?
If you want to stay not to go astray
Not to feel disgrace leave a trace

What is your choice out of three:
Death, oblivion, memory?
Trace by fallen star near or so far
Everlasting chase in the space

You're here to have your daring say
You have enormous love to ray
And get reflected light without blame
Cause you get what you once gave

Listen to your voice
Open your mind colours
You have the omens for you
That is your own choice
Don't turn around and hollow
Your lot into a new

Why are you here, what's the clue
In wisdom presented to you,
In gentle words which stir and tease:
"Accept the future as it is"
Why are you here, high above
All love embraced by even love?
Maybe to judge and cast aside
Your needless vanity and pride

- Last Faith -

Where are my foes?
Being like shadows intrusive?
They hunted me
Until it was too late
I'm like a doe
So fleet of foot and elusive
My secret trump is
My own last faith
So many times
I had my wings broken and fell
Embraced with thorns
Up to regenerate
So many times
I gathered myself to rebel
My major law is
My own last faith

Be yourself for living
Be open to whom you are feeling
Be closer to the sunlight
When time's gone my hope is
Lost in all these memories
Seeking for the reasons
I will burn down the joy
To create I've got first to destroy
Farewell to my love
When I am forgotten
And dreams will become rotten
I will live in silence

All I need is to see your eyes
See in them your beautiful souls
Feel the beat of your open hearts
Open up your sincerity source
All I need is to become wiser
See you all at a glance
Not causing pain to anyone
Making needless your defence

To stop breathing
Is to stop believing
No faith - no life
Deny evil
Don't look back and have free will
Leaving your past

- Loss Of Feelings Or Feeling Of Loss -

Promise me a new life
You know I like it most
In that's the whole you are
The spiral of the reasons
Tired to survive
Bring me back my home
And I close my eyes
Waiting for a surprise
Lullaby injection
Indifference infection

It's too late to change or start all over
Birds still sing but songs are getting lower
Things must be pretentious to make me heady
Does it mean that I am an emotions addict?

Try to hurt me, fellow
See I'm like a ghost
All your knives and arrows
Are just flying across
Paper soldier
Holed chest
Growing older
Losing zest

Women come and vanish
Streets are full of beggars
Flowers grow and perish
Nothing really matters
Spill of cosmic shower
In its flight endeavour
Maybe I'll recover
Maybe never ever

- The Sixth Sense -

Don't believe in rumors
Sense will show the road
Leading to the universe,
To your real abode

When you've abandoned
Hopes for salvation
All of a sudden
Dawns inspiration
Breaking through the ceiling
Rises a rainbow
Something you're feeling
But cannot name now

Enigmatic treasures
In this final well
Key for every question,
Pearl for every shell

Try again to forget
The pain of growing wings
Now you're falling, so let
Your spirit trust the winds

They will show you the truth
And bestow on you the wisdom source

Listen to no more lies
Your inner voice alone
Can be your guiding light
Live a life your own

Which is higher than peoples' eyes
For you to be self-cognized

Don't leave this sacred place
Here's all origins and ends
And remember to seize the days
Follow your sixth sense

- Unique path -

Distant light is tempting
To the gifts outside,
Towards never ending
Rainbows and delight
Herald of the future,
What've you brought for us?
Bell roulades?
Don't seek your road
It's in your blood
Permanent scar
Unique as you are
But there is a danger
Leading you to wrath
To remain a stranger,
Lose your unique path

Everyone's a pilgrim
Stiffen at the crossroads
Unknown brim
Appears to him
Don't seek your road
It's in your blood
Permanent scar
Unique as you are

What you search for may arrive alone
There you hear far above,
Something that can't be shown
Where you're near...
The path, unique path...

Free to go or not to
He steps in the mist
Free to chose, he's got to
Give up or resist
Free to leave behind
Frankness... goodness ... fake ...
Stars of a fallen kind
Swimming in the lake

- Quasar -

We are losing face
On the struggling way
So many places
We must pay
Those who hold the billions
Make them all with lies
Leaving hungry millions
Just before our eyes

No, but neither you nor me
And they will never make us free
No, neither me nor you
Let's go through fate
To meet deja vu

All shall be gone astray
Nothing will remind of this day
We can reach anywhere
Setting life anew and share
Soul concatenating
Conscious elevating
Putting symbols into traces
Always taking different faces - quasar

Fear feeds the chaos
In our hearts inside
Wasting blood for nothing
Makes their peace of mind
Parasites are hiding
Behind the weakness shell
It is always blinding
Cultivating hell

- Newborn -

~ instrumental ~

- Magic Rain -

Knock, knock fades in
Magic rain steps
Fake opinions
Not on your lips
Open all doors
Flowers bloom
Through the downpour
Rainbows loom

After a storm
Comes a calm

Then comes long-awaited peace
Time will be painted with lives

I found myself I can breath oh sky tears
I see the light

Space of the sun
Trees all around
I stopped running
I'm lost and found
Magic rain
Save my eyes
All the words are vain
My mind rises

I'm drunk with rain I can smile I feel no pain
I found my way

Stands still
Clock without hands
Sucked down in a swirl
Stream expands
Knock at my soul
Purify my feelings
Gentle flow
I need it now