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Études-tableaux Op.33
Sergei Rachmaninoff Lyrics

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Dihydrogen Monoxide

Yes- of course this piece is C major, but I don't know why it feels so deep, dreamlike and mystical,
Rachmaninoff. oh my goodness. he's a genius!

Mia Monteverdi

I mean, to be fair, we get a C open 5th, and not a C minor chord... so I guess I might be technically wrong here about what I said about it being in C minor... but the second it goes anywhere from the C5 chord it's all stuff from C minor or C phrygian or w/e... I can't hear this piece as being in C major. I call this piece Etude Tableaux in C major but it is in name only to me, like the wind fish from Zelda Link's Awakening lol.

Mia Monteverdi

This piece is like straight up all in C minor up until ~1:19 in this vid we get C major for about 2 and a half seconds, then C minor again until ~1:37 for another like 10 seconds of C major, then like 6 more seconds of C minor, then finally C major to the end. And except for that final few measures of major, the major in the piece is a mysterious sounding kind of major that's still borrowing a flatted 6th from minor (and a flatted 2nd from.. phrygian mode really, is what it is).

Ron Morgunov

Well, tonality in this etude tableaux is actually pretty weak- it seems like C major is just the name of the last chord. Like you've stated, it explores many key centers and its harmony shifts constantly, resulting in a dreamy and mystical mood.

Mumu Pipi

Rachmaninoff was a gift given to humanity.

J J Townley Sometime-composer of Piano Concertos

Seems Rachmaninoff still had the Prelude in g-sharp minor on his mind when he wrote this. The opening wavering 4's and 5's are unmistakable, the RH tune is nearly directly out of the middle part of the prelude and the ending with those wavering 4's and 5's keeping drawing the listener back to the prelude's close. Wonderful piece.

Percussion Neighbourhood

i knew it! , i was right all the [email protected]@

Ivan Song

How the heck do you play this at that tempo


Carolyn Fu yeah keep going man it comes with time

Carolyn Fu

AKwave I just can’t play it smoothly

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