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Prelude In C Sharp Minor Op.3/2
Sergei Rachmaninoff Lyrics

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That One Guy

Guys, im at 1:36 i have alot to go 😭😭

Edit: I'm at 1:43 now 😬 still have plenty to go

2nd Edit: At 1:54 now, it's a bit tough but I won't give up.💪

March 11, 3rd Edit: Finally at 2:08😰
Now it's time to release terror😈

March 27, 4th Edit: I have officially completed this piece. It's tough for me but I've managed to learn the entire thing. FOR EVERYONE LEARNING THIS PIECE, YOU CAN DO IT!!! I BELIEVE!!

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Sometimes it's hard to believe that Rachmaninoff was only 18 when he composed this piece. For those that don't know the story behind it: it is said that Rachmaninoff had a dream where he was at a funeral, and in the distance was a coffin. At 1:24 begins walking towards it, faster and faster. At 2:09 he opens it and... finds himself inside.

Carry Gentle

Epic Prelude In C Sharp Minor by MusicalBasics is less darker than this original piece.

Joey Miguel

Are you playing on a real piano or a digital one?

Uniboy 2111

I told my piano teacher and he said it's a load of rubbish lol

Avinash Acharya


jayden foskey

That gave me chills

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I'm happy to say after 2 weeks I finally have mastered the first three chords.


2 yers ago , when i was 14 , I had mastered this piece , and it took me 6 months , and I still remember half of this piece

Sanja Pisac

I am laughing and crying at the same time! 😄😄😄

God's Potato


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