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Prelude Op.23 No.02 in B flat major
Sergei Rachmaninoff Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Mark Fowler

correction, this is easily the best interpretation of this prelude by a mile.

Mark Fowler

incredible, best version I have heard to date, a taxing piece this one by Rachmaninoff its fair to say.

Aadam Fakir

Lyrics: Da duN! da dun da dun da da dun, de de de........ DE DUN



Aaron Li

This is just exactly what it sounds like!!! lmao


I laughed.


I'm addicted to this prelude played by Richter.

Dragon Soundworlds

Me too metoo. im also addicted to this piece played by kissin and richter. Im also addicted to liszt Transcendental etude no 10 played kissin lol. 😍😍😆

נימרוד שפר

Alkan has done it before

Fritz Maisenbacher

Metoo metoo metoo metoo metoo metoo metoo metoo metoo

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