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Prelude Op.32 No.05 in G major
Sergei Rachmaninoff Lyrics

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Henry Denner

Dear +ValentinaLisitsa

I have 2 questions

What is the most effective way for you to practice awkward polyrhythms like 5 over 4?
Do you practice single hands or do you just work it immediately off the cuff with both hands? (I guess the latter 😁)

And then

Which method do you suggest to us mere mortals?

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Ingo Herma

For me this tune represents to be in love with somebody. The melody is so facile and pending..

Fabien Shamanix

One of my favorites Rachmaninov preludes (with the op23 no4).
Perfect playing.

akko h

I strongly agree with you.
Both are my favorite.


Rach would be so proud.

Kunz Klingsor

Valentina Lisitsa exposes such nuances here, hardly ever heard from other pianists, then, it is her face, majestic and angelical as she caresses the keyboard. As she has indicated, playing piano is her life, her spare time, vacation and hobby. Aren’t we blessed ??


I just turned 53.......and frankly I hardly listened to classical music ever in my life......I can count the times on one hand.
( my loss for sure ) But I just can't get enough of this masterpiece. Especially the way Miss Lisitsa plays it is with so much emotion.......tears roll every time I listen , its really that touching. Thank you so much for the video.

Elijah Kim 김기성

@rob 97 no problem lol

rob 97

Elijah Kim 김기성 yeah thx haha

Elijah Kim 김기성

@rob 97 hear*

rob 97

You have a lot to here.. Classical music is just pure beauty. I can tell you, that you have to hear 18. Variation from Rachmaninov played by Daniil Trifonov! You dont want to miss this one :)

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