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Waltz No. 1 Op. 18 "Grande Valse Brillante" in E Flat
Sergei Rachmaninoff Lyrics

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For those who say this isn't Rach b/c the quality is too high... Yes and no. Rachmaninoff made a series of recordings on a custom, extremely sensitive player piano before his death. (Sensitive enough that it impressed Rach himself.) They are wax rolls, so no one has ever really dared to play them. Wayne Stanhke (?) used a laser-capture technique to replay the rolls without damaging them. So this is the closest we're going to get to listening to Rach without a time machine.


@MoonMankkkkkk: This was played by Rachmaninov.

Kosta Glouzman

this is Rachmaninov. I'had a record, it's exactly the same performance! Only sound quality here is much, much better.


For some reason, even though this is a far higher fidelity recording, it feels like the remastering took out a big chunk of colour from Rachmaninoff's performance. I much prefer the original recording.


@MoonMankkkkkk: If you mean it is not an original format recording, that is another case. Yes, it was formatted by the leading computer scientists to the best extent possible to make it sound starkly different from piano rolls and his original "bad" recordings. However, it is not correct to say "this was not played by Rachmaninov." You could study a little more science and computer technology before trying to exclaim a definitive "weighted" opinion on the matter.


Not Rach


I don't think is Rachmaninov playing because the sound quality is too good. However, I like it :)

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