Set The Scene Lyrics

It all ends here.
Stuck in here from birth to grave.
This life is ours to live and love.
This life is ours to take or leave.
Don't try to crush our spirits.
Never try to hold us back.
Writing songs that not a soul
Will ever get to hear or feel.
We're poets, yeah we are.
The given up kids, or so I'm told.
Unlike you, our souls haven't been sold.
Search nowhere, that's were we will be.
Living our lives in black and white.
Well, listen up, all of you that care.
This life is ours and fuck no, it ain't fair.
But when shows and sound is all we live for
We're sworn to die. sworn to die.
'locals only' sprayed on the side of the tracks
Is one of the many things this city lacks.
Roaming the sidewalks with headphones
Instead of girls wrapped round our waists.
Walk with your head up in the air.
Walk with your fist up in the air.
Walk with your heart up in the air.
We're sick of wearing your costume.
The masquerade of our shattered faith
Went on way to fucking long. so fuck.
Fuck it all and fuck you.
Sitting out collisions to hang our heads.
Not merely enough I still got breath to breathe.
So scream till death closes your goddamn eyes

Contributed by Lauren N. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Jivveen Mena

Are He Still Have A Six Pack In This Movie Or Not ??

Susan Majury

She looks a little cold

llea Nge

what movie?

John Connor

It's a movie by one of the Nolan brother and his wife... Totally Hyped!

Truevan ASAP

Is this for a movie?


Yes, he just finished filming that.

Yuliya McCluney

Why he is kissing this woman? I didnt get this


He was acting with her for his new movie 'Reminiscence' that will hopefully come out later this year :) :)

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