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High On Fashion
Seth Alley Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Seth Alley:

Be Yourself The sun came up and five years gone Life goes on,…
Me And The Boys Too cool skipping school cruising in the mini van With a…
Small Town Girl She keeps a cross on her nightstand, carries Crown in…

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Comments from YouTube:


They used my intro again! The ending of this one is in major, but it modulates from E major to F#major for the last chord. Might be why you felt it as a minor somehow Steve 😊


i love when joe is Uncomfortable with the bit.

Young Nation

Holiday story from a retail employee

Greetings to anyone reading this. Here’s a story about a Karen I interacted with over Christmas whilst working at a popular UK catalogue store. Since Black Friday, our most popular low-price tech items were the Amazon Echo Dots which were down from £50 to £22. The price stayed the same until Christmas, so naturally they continued to be high-sellers all throughout December with people buying then as stocking fillers. Around December 20th, Karen came in and asked for one of these beauties, telling me she had made the trip especially for these without checking their availability online (...go figure). Well, Karen was in for a big shock as by that point we had been out-of-stock for well over a week. Karen was after a Charcoal coloured Echo Dot to “match her hearth” and refused to purchase either of the White or Grey coloured options which were also available. She demanded I sell one to her, at which point I reminded her that we’re not Amazon and we don’t manufacture the Echo Dots, nor any of the other 90,000 items we have in our catalogue. Normally people buy them from us and cheekily, but smartly, re-sell them on sites like Facebook Marketplace or eBay to try and turn a small profit. I said that if she really wanted one that badly before Christmas then she had the option to pay an extra few pounds and purchase one from a different retailer like Amazon or eBay. She wasn’t having that. She wanted to buy one from us, and demanded that I locate one at a store somewhere in the country (a laborious task as there is no “search by availability” feature). My manager, seeing my struggle, came over to help the lovely lady out. My store is located in central England, and my boss found one at a store in Northern Ireland... This pleased Karen greatly and she happily reserved her item and said she would collect it that very same day. Karen was more happy to pay £150 in transport to fly to Ireland to save £5 on a tech item she could order online. Merry Christmas, Karen. I hope your hearth looks beautiful.

...Don’t be like Karen. Happy new year, everybody.

Dicknose McQueen

Has there been 1 episode where Elliott hasn’t said “am I peaking?” Or some variant?

Steve Zaragoza


Juan Ayala

Dicknose McQueen am I loud?? I feel like I’m a bit loud..

Sarah Robbins

The ad reads were so good on the podcast that I had to come watch the video version.

yellow Tesla

13:09 i love that steve got that from trisha back in the day <3 no NOO!


Happy New Years Valleyfolk!!!! Excited for you guys to kill it in 2020!!!!!


Have a great 2020 boys!! Thank you for all of the laughs and I'm excited for many more

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