No Fun
Sex Pistols Lyrics

No fun, my babe no fun
No fun, my babe no fun
No fun to hang around
Feeling that same old way
No fun to hang around
Freaked out for another day

No fun, my babe no fun
No fun, my babe no fun
No fun to be alone
Walking by my self
No fun to be alone
In love with nobody else

Well, maybe go out,
Maybe stay home
Maybe call Mom on the telephone
Well, come on, well, come on
Well, come on, well, come on
Well, come on, well, come on
Well, come on, well, come on
No fun to be alone
No fun to be alone
Hang on, don't let me go
No fun to be alone

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Written by: COOK

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Patty Cifra

The incredible heartbreak and poignancy of the Sex Pistols’ final
performance always brings a tear to my eyes. Johnny Rotten threw all his feelings
- his anger, frustration, his whole heart and soul - into this emotionally powerful,
naked, raw, performance of "No Fun" at Winterland that night. It was
a "swan song" that perfectly summed up the end of the Sex Pistols.
His famous final comment, "ever get the feeling you've
been cheated?" sums up his disillusionment with being mistreated by the
Pistols self-proclaimed manager, Malcolm McLaren, the real "rotten"
one. As John delivered his final line, he smiled, showing his inherent good humor despite
the pain of knowing it was all falling apart around him (especially with Sid’s
self-destructive heroin habit).  Rotten (Lydon) was (is) a genuine genius if there ever was
one, the true spirit of that man!

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Rigsby 1

I don't think any band has ever fallen apart so perfectly infront of a crowd.


Careful. Ian Moody might see that as a challenge

Heidi Janis

@Liam Fitzgerald Care to tell me more?


NO it was beautiful

Kosovo Blues

i read that ,Cook and Jones went to Rio de Janeiro to meet that asshole robber Ronnie Biggs,Lydon to England to form P.i.l. ,and Vicious a year later leave the earth.And this is the best version of No fun ever

Filipe Matias

@Liam Fitzgerald Actually the Sex Pistols broke up 2 days after this gig!

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Silver Snail14

"You'll get one number and one number only 'cause I'm a lazy bastard. This is No Fun." John Lydon is a legend. Often imitated, never duplicated.

Kenny Begeske

I'm a Punk fuckin Rock Star

RodRigo Campo

"A ha ha, and I get the feeling you'd been cheated. Good night"
So perfect from beginin to end, greatest vertion of No Fun ever.....!!!


@T S designed to be shitty by malcolm...who sent them on the tour from hell

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