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Issam Laoumri

Thank u for this tutorial BUT i have a question(HELP) start when i change the fade, the shade work perfectly until i move the player with an input then things go wrong !! and i want to apply this when the player collide with an object, and i made a piece of code but the result is not the same !

private void Dissolve()
if (bodyCollider.IsTouchingLayers(LayerMask.GetMask("Interactables")))
isDissolving = true;

if (isDissolving)
fade -= Time.deltaTime;

if (fade <= 0)
fade = 0;
isDissolving = false;

material.SetFloat("_Fade", fade);

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Chris Hull

Fantastic! I used the same shader from a tutorial and kept getting pink materials/error. The part I was missing was using the "coded name" of the parameter.

EDIT: Just FYI, you can actually rename that "parameter code" to make things easier. Just double click your shader to open the shader editor and then replace the default code that's in the "Reference" bar to whatever you want. You can then proceed to call the parameter in C# through that name. Saves you typing out some nonsense characters in your script.


the only problem i am having is that i have multiple objects with the same shader, and they all change at the same rate, not individually. (by clicking on each one it lowers a thickness value.)

Miguel Silva

Instead of using SetFloat directly on the material, you can animate the slider in the material's instance in the object and trigger this animation by a Mecanim parameter. In this way, the changes will be individual for each object and not for all objects with the same material, in addition to all the control that the animation allows.

Cool Cucumber

OMG! I spent 2 hours trying to find out how to change the shader parameters, and you just showed me. Thank you so much!!

Tony Newsom

This was great, I was wondering how to access shader properties in script 😁😁

William F Hallett

Love this video. SO seldomly have I found exact answers to what I'm looking for in such brief order.

Wholesome Doki Channel

So that was the trick... using these weird reference names !! Thanks man, saved my life !

Ti Xi Ti

thank you so much. I 've just subcribed your channel.:))


I'm working with your same shader, and I need precisely your code XDDD Good Tutorial!

Spir Al

you are a geniouuus! thank you man!

what i wanted how i wanted the correct way, super helpful.!!

wow your channel its a gold mine!!

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