Sexual Interlude
Shai Lyrics

Sex... Sexual
Sex... Sexual
Sex... Sexual
Sex... Sexual

Tonight we share a night of ecstasy and sweet romance
I will make you feel so special if you give me half a chance
I respect your femininity oh so much
So prepare yourself for a night that can only be described
as sensuous... it will be

repeat chorus

We have been together for some time but now I feel
Your resistance to my persistence intensifies your sex appeal
I perspire with desire when I see your naked skin
This erotic moment brings up everything within oh baby

repeat chorus

You are mine... baby I am yours
I am yours, hey you are my baby
You are mind.and I think it's time
Come here baby... shhhh... don't say a word
Let your emotions do all the talking
Can you feel it
Can you feel it ...I can feel your love baby
Can you feel it... baby oh baby yea, yea, yea
Can you feel it, feel it, feel it, feel it
You look so good, baby
You don't have to go

repeat chorus

Writer(s): Carl E. Martin, Marc D. Gay Copyright: Petrol Lane Music, Music Corp. Of America Inc., Yppahc Music, Cameo Appearance by Ramses Music, Gasoline Alley Music, MCA Music Publishing A.D.O. Universal S

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Comments from YouTube:

Ken Rivers

I was in 9th grade when this dropped and yea shit got real when I used to play this wit my lil girlfriend lol

Yung Redboi 2500

Hardest Interlude ever!!!!

Ronald Hall

The hardest I've ever heard by far!!!

Nick V


Happy Empire


Shakirra White

Yung Redboi 2500. Agreed

Jazzjunior 916

sunday night slow jams wit r dub back round music

Jack M

Song that go me interested in playing the sax

Happy Empire

Goodness gracious, I was imagining him talking me. Geez Louise. Yes. yes.

Shakirra White

Yessssssss best album ever

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