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Let’s start with a microphone check 1, 2 first
Water to the dry and weary soul of the true church
The kind of things that few search, they say that the truth hurts
Well this pain is gain so let’s explain the new birth
But first things first, can’t neglect this at the start
I must preface my remarks with the deadness of the heart
From original sin, the effects of the fall
The sin of our first parents brought death to us all
Since Adam was our federal head
What he did counted for us, in him we’re all rebels and dead
Captured in the mind, disaster, sin and crimes
In a dark state- Alaska in the winter time
Sour in our frames, left to ourselves we’d be
Devoured in the flames because we’re powerless to change
If you feel that weight, I pray you respond happily
As you see what Jesus had to say in John chapter 3

If you peep this, you’ll see that one is my thesis
It’s the deepest truth that should get you speechless
What Scripture teaches will fill in the missing pieces
Picture Jesus meeting up with Nicodemus
Perhaps it was fright about the other Pharisees wicked spite
Against Christ that turned this into “Nick at Nite”
He called Him “Rabbi” and gave Him props
Said He was a teacher from God, Jesus’ reply made Him stop
Regarding the Kingdom of God, no one’s going in
In fact you can’t even see it unless you’re born again
That must have consumed and stretched his mind
Because he said, “Can a man enter His mother’s womb a second time?”
Naturalistically- the only way for him to hear it
Jesus said, “You must be born of the water and the Spirit”
No other way to enter heaven
That sounds like Ezekiel 36: 25-27
In this new birth, the Spirit is the source and the agent
The water symbolizes spiritual purification
Flesh can only produce flesh- that’s true and factual
Regenerating work of the Spirit is supernatural
It’s kind of like the wind which is free east to west
Can’t perceive the steps, you can only see its effects in
In the same way the Holy Spirit chooses whom He pleases
To sovereignly open their eyes to the truth of Jesus

If it wasn’t for the Spirit’s mysterious operation
We would all be under serious condemnation
I’d still be rejecting His Son
If God hadn’t said “Let there be light” like Genesis 1
And just like the light could not refuse to shine
Irresistible grace renewed my mind
Let’s exalt the King who died and truly is risen
The new birth is not the effect of human decision
But the cause- it changes our natural habitation
And situation, it’s a radical transformation
I was cursed and polluted so my dirt was inexcusable
With new internal pupils His Person is beautiful
His worth is indisputable- the Lamb is amazing
A standing ovation for His work in the crucible
So let us respond with true worship and love
To the God who has given new birth from above!

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rachray, obviously nobody will boast of anything a blindman could never have made himself see again, the issue see and find myself with 100% calvinism is the following, that god could have predestined or created certain vessels entirely for the purpose of being lost and never having the chance of being reached by the truth and accepting the truth, like there is a supernatural block in their hearts from god, that even if they wanted god wouldnt allow them to chage what they have been predestined to do wich is burning in hell forever, this is the issue we need to deal with to fully accept calvinism, how can we justify that god will judge men according to his works if there is some men that never even HAD the slight chance of being somehow touched by the gospel ... i dont identify in either side because me being a little aglomerate of dust that can speak because of the glory of god, have no complete knowledge of how he operates, but somehow his judgement of the wicked must imply some sort of RESPONSABILITY on their part, if it is all 100% in the hands of god, he wouldnt have a honest justification to condemn some eternally if they have no way to pleed for the chance they were suposed to have ...

god commands every man everywhere to repent, he saves who he pleases, i honestly think every man is born with the predisposition to either be open to hear and want to find truth, and others are either born or raised to be very proud and ignorant and cherry picky and not be predisposed to hear and want to find truth, so honestly the whole thing is very complicated, but i will not posit that god doesnt give man at least a bit of chance, because who needs to repent is man not god, god will not cause us to repent by his will, he will create the conditions for us to repent and we can either get there and repent or harden our hearts and not repent ..

take for instance the parable of the sower, how can a calvinist deal with that, some people receive the word but their surroundings and relationships can take it away from them, or 2 peter 2 where its said ... -

"20If they have escaped the corruption of the world by knowing our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and are again entangled in it and are overcome, they are worse off at the end than they were at the beginning. 21It would have been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than to have known it and then to turn their backs on the sacred command that was passed on to them. 22Of them the proverbs are true: “A dog returns to its vomit,”g and, “A sow that is washed returns to her wallowing in the mud.”

so i believe there must be some factor of responsability on the soul not about sin, but in his level of willingness to accept the truth of the gospel or not .. based on some other scriptures ... but im not going to subscribe to closed box thinking either calvinism or arminianism, either way Jesus is the center always, and sane doctrine is fundamental, and love for god is the most important thing, from that everything else flows ...

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By The grace of God I have been regenerated!!!!!

Adam Woodie

Praise Him!

dwight coppieters

I feel like ive been regenerated 2

Sharie Pirrone

+ozotkd2001ify AMEN!!!!!!! <3

CoolKem C

I super love this song. The gospel is so simple but so deep. People talking about free will. How much can your free will allow you to pick Christ when your are DEAD. Salvation is by God alone and nothing of ourselves. We could not choose Christ even if we tried. He had to choose us and thank God for that!

George Williams

Yes he has to choose us, first, but free will is always a part of it, because TMH doesnt want robots, He wants us to love Him, as He loved us, and the only way thats possible is by choosing to devote ourselves to Him because of our free will.

There's many Scriptures that support this: JER 29:12-13; HEB 11:6; PRO 8:17; and the story of the prodigal son are a few.

Jefferson Barnes

Amen...I rebelled against Him but He saved me!

Mack Whittier

CoolKem C Amen !


Yeah I see it as blasphemy to proclaim free will considering we lived our own way before Christ. So to say salvation is of man is to say to the sinner "you can come to God on YOUR terms because YOU'RE still in control". No....Christ is in control and people need to humble themselves and come to Him on HIS terms.


Honestly I like random thoughts 3 the best

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