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Angelica Caraway
Sharron Kraus Lyrics

Angelica Caraway, come away with me
Sit by me as we drive away
You can take the reins if you please
Or be guided by me
We'll meet some good people and some cruel ones
Sleep under the moon or a down-soft quilt
Only each other and the road

I cannot go with you
I cannot leave my home
Who would tend my garden?
How would I live without my family?

Gimlet-eyed Jack, stay with me
Sit yourself down by my fire
You can sing and play my guitar
Or be entertained by me
We'll see the sunrise over the hill day after day
Watch our children grow and move away
Put down deep roots

I cannot stay with you
I cannot forget the road
There's so much more to see
How would I live without my freedom?

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