Gallows Song/Gallows Hill
Sharron Kraus Lyrics

Went with my love to Gallows Hill
To see if the ghosts were stirring still
We walked on up the spiral path
Scorching sun upon our backs

It is a bright and a beautiful day
The sun is shining high
It is a wonderful day to live
But a gloomy day to die
Blood-fed trees are flourishing
Nesting birds are cackling
Forget-me-nots growing blue as the sky
Memories that will not lie

In picking a flower I turned away
My love grew cold, his face turned grey
His eyes were starting out of his head
Around his neck sprang a ring of red

Oh, cut me down, sweetheart
I don't want to die
Oh, cut me down, sweetheart
I'm not ready to die

So don't you go to Gallows Hill
Unless you would your true love kill
Don't go digging up the past
The dead are not buried and they won't rest

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