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by Sharron Kraus

Time to emerge from my cocoon now
But I seem to have woven it too tight
Feel the sun warm through my skin
But I cannot seem to get to the light
Give me the wings to fly

Dreamed I roamed in a rambling old house
Endless dusty rooms, up and down stairs
A solemn statue plays the violin
In a beautiful house with no door
Give me the key to outside

Woke up to find my legs turned to lead
Cannot lift myself out of bed
Opened my eyes to find I was blind
Cannot see my way out of this bind
Where is the light I was flying to?

Found myself in a ring-a-ring-a-roses
Taunted and pushed to and fro
Hand-held circle leaves no hand free
No hand to grasp, nowhere to go

Where are my friends? I need them now
In my heart under lock and key
Break my heart with your cruelty
And maybe you will set them free
Maybe you will set them free

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