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by Shawn Phillips


People keep talkin' bout money and problems in their lives
Puttin' other people down behind their back, they gotta criticize
Hardly ever get a chance to say that we are much obliged
Cause we're going in a circle babe
And nobody really knows where the circle begins

Singular methods of keepin' you into your self despise
What you gonna buy when the well runs dry
You know what that implies
All of us sittin' round wonderin' are they tellin' us lies?
If they are, then we're in trouble
And now everybody better think about where this ends

Hurtin' people gotta keep workin' it just to stay alive
Two weeks in the sun is not a lot of fun, and I apologize
'Spect a bunch of people now agree that they all sympathize
Cause the rich keep gettin' richer
And the poor had better think about where that's at

Makin' your life a misery ain't never gonna satisfy
If you keep thinkin' that you're gonna be sinkin'
Then everybody say goodbye
Keepin' your humanity full of common dignity
Now that's the one that justifys
Cause we're only simple people babe
And nobody really knows
And we're going in a circle babe
And nobody knows where the circle begins

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