Blessed Be
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ALCHEMY feat. P.J. Corvus When you wanna stop Gotta keep it going Keep climbing to the…
Entombed Step inside yourself and emerge Enter a realm of worlds Ther…
Kaiser/Mansfield Blessed be Blessed be Blessed be the sacrifice He is the …
L.A. Mitchell In times of trouble I will call upon Your name The only…
Ofln - Spiritbox I say my blessings all for you I feel it fade…
Raffi Blessed Be Words and Music by Raffi C 1999 Homeland Publis…
Schelmish Is spana ha too maira bahnaha is is spana mid findo…
Sianna Plavin Blessed be the ones who hold your hand In their hand I…
Spiritbox I say my blessings all for you I feel it fade…
Statlers Blessed be the children who are free It blesses me that…
The Statler Brothers Blessed be the children who are free It blesses me that…
Victor Borba [Verse 1] I say my blessings all for you I feel it…

Wytchfynde Cardinals And Bishops Sit In Pious Pose Handing Down Their …

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Is it a coincidence that Christians have to come to this group of Goddess music? That means they are listening to it also.  May the Mother envelope you in the warm arms of her embrace.


You as well, truth is in all archetypes


Actually, it probably is a coincidence. Some people are open-minded enough to enjoy music from other cultures and religions


Absolutely beautiful. I am Catholic and can truly appreciate this music. Blessings to my wiccan / pagan brothers and sisters. 


Brother, you are of a rare and beautiful kind. It seems the Gods have blessed a fair number of the Christians as well. Thank you for reassuring me in that.

Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again!
Blessed be.


Thank you so much. I was raised Christian and, while I love Jesus' teachings of kindness and compassion for all, the Pagan path is my path. I understand the beauty of both faiths (and others; I was raised to), so it's wonderful to find a like-minded soul. Blessings and love and light to you. + )O(


many blessings to you


This came up in a random rotation on the winter solstice. Thank you for your kind Christian words. Peace be with you.


brightest of blessing to you, may the goddess protect you with her warming arms

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I just recently converted to being a wiccan after studying the religion. I have to say that it is absolutely beautiful. I just did my first prayer ritual to the goddess while playing this in the background, and the love and security I felt was like no other. Blessed be indeed, and merry meet to all :)

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