Sheila Ferguson, Danger: We need your help!

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by Sheila Ferguson

Feels like I'm walking
On a tightrope closer to the real edge
Feels like I'm falling
For you time again
It feels like I've been locked up
In the basement and you hold the key
Seclusion, mass confusion
Tell me what you're doing to me

(Mama always told me child, you look before you leap)
You look before you leap
(Got to find my way out before) I am in too deep
(Passion so addictively has got control of me)
Has got control of me
(His eyes are cold, full of heart of stone)
You can hear it when he breathes
That man is...

Can't trust that man
Stay away if you can
Lies all the time
Plays with your heart, fools with your mind
He'll just want you for himself
You're all alone, he's got somebody else
Please can't you see
He really ain't the man that he used to be

He was a gentleman
Always there for me in time of need
He was so amazing
His kisses were so sweet
Remarkably handsome
Like a phantom, he was so discreet
So persuasive, that adultery
Then came a friend to me

(You always told me that you leave her)
What about it? What about it?
You can't commit to me
(You thought I'll never leave) you thought I never leave
(It's not right you'll find your wife)
Stay away from me
'Cause you are...

I ain't your fool
This isn't cruel, I'm leaving you
Don't you act surprised
I realize you had a wife, ha!
I love you [I love you, I love you]
I need you [I need you], damn you
Ain't no pretend
You're innocent and no, we can't be friends

(Every time I close my eyes, I feel) ow!
(I wanna run away)
I wanna run away, I wanna run away
(Nothing I can do or say) hey-hey!
(There's any change I'm gonna pay) I'm gonna pay
(Gonna pay) I'm gonna, gonna pay
(Every time I close my eyes) I close my eyes
(I feel I wanna run away)
I feel I wanna, I wanna run away
(Nothing I can do or say) no, no, no, no
(There's any change I'm gonna pay) I'm gonna pay
(Gonna pay)

The only one who would ever love me
You're the, you're the only one who would ever need me
Ooh, go back to your wife
Forget about me
Forget about the things we did
Forget about everything
I don't want you no more
You're a liar, you're a cheater, you're a manipulator
Whoa! I can't stand it no more
You are the only one (danger)
Who would ever love me
Yeah, you are the only one (danger)
Who would ever need me
I said I love you (danger)
You're a dangerous man
No, no, no, no
I'm gonna run away (danger)
I'm gonna run away, oooooooooooooooooooh

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