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Shiesty Lyrics

Blrrrd, blrrrd
All I know is pop out on that
Bitch, we rock out on that
Pop out, put that metal to him
(Lucci, how you feel? Yeah)
All I know is
What we doin' Gee? (FOREVEROLLING)
(Lucci, how you feel?)

Yeah, they know they can't play us, niggas die they bring my name up
And please don't call my phone 'bout coppin' deuces, I'm gon' hang up
And I still'll get active with no mask, forget I'm famous
Niggas can't afford to get me killed no more, I got my change up
I ain't change up, I'm the same one who'll front the bag and sell it for 'em
He ain't had no way to get it back home, I'ma mail it for him (blrrrrd)
Red ain't get to brag 'bout all them missions, I'ma tell it for him (blrrrd, blrrrd)
Hatin' sayin' y'all chased him out that place, we had a present for him (blrrd, blrrrd, blrrrd, blrrrd)
Pop out, put that metal to him, think they sent like seven through him
Lot of niggas shot but ain't get dropped and I couldn't settle for it
Got new whips and spin some more, tinted rentals, spin some more
I can't speak on you on yours, but me and my gon' be for sure (blrrrd)

If you want war with us
Back applyin' pressure soon as they feel like we was easin' up
Chopper knock out lungs, he walk and talk but heard he breathe in puffs
All I know is bend that corner, hop out, ain't no freezin' up
All I know is I don't fear no nigga, all them bleed like us
All I know is niggas keep on dyin' and they believe it's us
All my lil' bro know is shoot his gun, he don't need no weed or nothin'
Know I feel his pain, I watched him change into a murderer (blrrrd, blrrrd)
Know you feel my pain, you watched me change into a murderer (blrrrd)

Any gun I took got less than two weeks 'fore we get it dirty
I'm a done fool by myself, it's DOA when I'm with 30
Two headshots gotta get off, know he can't make it through, we murked him (blrrrd, blrrrd)
We shiesty gang, we sendin' more hits, hang around, gotta be certi'
I put you on 'em, didn't get off, you could've told us you was nervous
Caught them bitches same day, gave 'em sixty, gettin' off on purpose
No, I ain't drop my deluxe yet 'cause I been busy soul searchin'
The youngest nigga who'll get you whacked, want seventy-five K for my verse
Keep it closed, niggas be fed, I can tell when niggas workin'
AM, I'm droppin' forty, I want him dead by 7:30
Long live Tee Da Pee, I'm fuckin' every ho he had open
375 CGE ,havin' bankrolls, bodies, and motion
Bitches tried trailin', stopped and flip the car, I ain't goin' (blrrrd)
All my Glocks got a cable box, hit the blunt 'fore I get to blowin' (blrrrd, blrrd)
Dropped a four in Tahitian Treat, can't kick the cup, I'm always pourin'
My nigga Gee bang EST, pour some out, I'ma backdoor it
Blrrrd, blrrrd, blrrrd, blrrrd
Biggest Blrrrd, pussy

Lyrics Β© Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Written by: George Stone III, Jeffrey Lynn Jones, Lontrell Williams Jr., Ronnie O'Bannon

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Cornelius Kates

Just found all these pooh songs this year πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£


No yap no yap 🀣πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

P 3

Me too lol

Lord Rothschild

@Cam Harley

Lord Rothschild

He's doing life

Rodrigo Ramirez

Better late than ever

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"Rico called me 5 times, I still call him back to this day."
I don't care who you are. That's real and heavy. Close to home.

Bryan Gaytan

@ZOMBIE HO feds 🐭


What does he mean by that


On god! I repeat that line all the time, esp that part when he say β€œI be wanting to take them trips but shit be happening when I leave”

That shit real , this my personal favorite song from him. @R G

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