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Signum Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Screwdriver' by these artists:

Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 What's your purpose on the planet You're too stupid to unde…
Jackyl Let me tell you once a story about this ladies…
Prince and 3rdEyeGirl Everyday when I wake up Gotta make up Another reason to ma…
The White Stripes Tuesday mornin' now I gotta have somewhere to go I call up…
The White Stripes (Peel Session) Tuesday mornin' now I gotta have somewhere to go I call up…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Signum:

Addicted Just one more kiss and I'll be gone I won't write,…
Come Around Again Never planned it this way Never thought I'd see the end…
Come Around Again (Vocal Extended) Never planned it this way, Never thought I'd see the end…

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Comments from YouTube:

Kevin Chen

I bought it for 10 years ago, i found out my desk was too small to use it. Currently, i change my desk and able to use Signum. Thank for sharing


what did you do with the plastic plugs :D?

2 B

Appreciate your help.

Alex King

Thank you Nick - very helpful!


4:44 or you could just take off the grills first then screw it with a normal screwdriver..

Osu Community

Learned a lot of things in this video, and I also set mine up easily with this tutorial. Thank you :D


osu lol


I'd mount them with the plastic plugs because of the Linnmon-Desk and its cavity. Your screws could just fall out someday or the Signum isnt solid at all after a couple of months. Some people using them for manage a huge bunch of cables (trible monitor setups for example) and they having a good weight. Maybe you dont but that doesnt matter in a tutorial. 😅

The plastic plugs are special made for cavity like the Linnmon-Desk is, so there is no reason to not use them. 😂

Ross Code

Hey Nick. How about separating the horizontal part from the "feet" parts and screw in the feet parts alone, without the horizontal part in the way?

テ • ィ • ム

Can it be mounted in a linnmon desk?

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