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The Timelord
Signum Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Signum:

Addicted Just one more kiss and I'll be gone I won't write,…
Come Around Again Never planned it this way Never thought I'd see the end…
Come Around Again (Vocal Extended) Never planned it this way, Never thought I'd see the end…

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Comments from YouTube:

gregor potrebujes

I am so glad that so many people feel so powerful emotions (according to the comments below) when listening to this musical masterpiece. I was affraid that I am the only one :)

Nexus Art Realm

my fascination with trance music never went away. I remember listening to the Dr.Who theme back in 83 as a child and that was pretty much my first introduction to the electronic music world. There have been many bad sellout tunes out there, but the real stuff (like this one) are timeless chunes. It just opens your mind, body and soul.


THE song that got me into Trance ahhhhhhhhh



Magik Journey

great start :)

Magik Journey

if aliens came here and here this they would never leave as they would be deafened by its beauty.

Mohammad Rozif Abd Rasid

@Magik Journey Heaven anthem maybe?

abraham tellez

+Magik Journey So true m8!!!!! This is music from heaven!! I know it...

Magik Journey

very true. :)


Been a huge trance fan since i was about 11 (my parents raised me on it) and somehow i missed this one back in the day. My first time listening to it and my spine just melted

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