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Till Tears Do Us Part
Signum Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Signum:

Addicted Just one more kiss and I'll be gone I won't write,…
Come Around Again Never planned it this way Never thought I'd see the end…
Come Around Again (Vocal Extended) Never planned it this way, Never thought I'd see the end…

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Comments from YouTube:


54 now, and probably to old to go clubbing, but I'd love to dance to this one more time before I pop my clogs.

Matt Page

Never stop dancing bro

Kris Jones

Believe me, you don’t see many young ‘uns at proper raves

Kris Jones

Never too old. Get on it


An old guy from my town Stan the Man, n he was in his 70's wen i use to go my local club Mr Smith's, n shiiiit everyone knew him, loved him, n respected him to the point at least a 3rd of the club would be doin "his dance" if not more lol

Richard Neville

You're only as old as you think are.. Come on Neo. Don't let this system fool you.

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Paul Dunkley

Whenever I need a pick me up from feeling down this is the tune that brings me back


tidy boys admitted on radio 1 interview that this tune was one track they never have ever excluded from any of their dj sets over the years........enuf said lol

Anna Scott

best mix by far!!!!! all the others dont even come close. THIS IS HOW U REMIX A TUNE!!!! normally the originals are the best and remixes come in and tend to lose a bit of what the original gave you but not in this case!!! this remix has totally smashed the original to bits and more! mmmmmm i bet the original producers are well pissed off and maybe sit there thinking " bollocks, why did we not make it a classy and banging as what mr flash harry has done?"

Timothy Monaghan

definitely the one and only version to listen to

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