What Ya Got 4 Me
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Ste Ash

One of the finest uplifting come up tunes with purest pills,Gary abletts out there haha Mitsubishi's, dove's, speckled, Mitzi triangle's,yer know the 1 ,im A 1981 kid ,so am truly blessed I caught the end of that unbelievable time , ☮️ to all who were there with me , never forgotten best memories of my life XXX

Gaming with Irish Demon

Well said bro


83 here and I just caught the decline but still it was connected to the real peak. Now it's a different world. Not even sure there is a club culture any more

Ste Ash

@zeus111 nice to hear that you experienced that rave scene over there you and I are truly blessed,Germanyand Holland was massively involved back then for big street parties and raves that allowed unbelievably good ecstasy to flow naturally without judgement for a generation of truly lucky and blessed people to enjoy and almost worship clubs wer our spiritual home, mdma is therapeutic and recently being used in marriage councilling in Holland. Hug and talk it out haha ,can’t explain or say enough I’ve heard about auzzi techno was making waves back then,miss shiva dreams I remember all time belter tune going down in history for sure, what dance drugs wer available on your side at the time? ,surely the European blend of super quality disco busicuits that too this day I have never experienced again the formula was taken away from society in my view because it was simply too good,hard to explain but nothing has ever or will ever come close to that rush off a dove or Mitzi from the Dutch lab making them at the time.., respect best ever dance drug=ecstasy pill formula created on this planet to this day unless the Japanese have got it bottled up as they killed of the Dutch ecstasy kingpin for using a Mitsubishi logo for his production of the magic beans... if ya missed 89/99s UK dance scene maybe even later until 2005 fading away soon after


73 kid here......late 90's/2000 was fun too, but early 90's rave scene was off the charts in Sydney. You had to be there


@dee1888ie Yeah, remember watching Top Gear after a rave on those, and Clarkson, May and the little one looked like butch lesbians - especially Clarkson.

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Vava Voom78

This tune makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. Amazing memories 😉

Richard Curzon

Heard it a heap of times. And still gives me the goosey b's

Leila 78

Totally 🙌😁

DJ Lifted AndreaS

@Mrs Smith lovely nostalgia!

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