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Gonna Take Time
Signum Feat. Antonia Lucas Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


Beautiful Voice! Great sound! Just terrific!

Simon H. Wiium

Love this song!!

Carlos Povy

Love this ❤️

Antonia Vsa

You will find the Lyrics on Antonia Lucas official FB page : )

i Bhullar

where can i find lyrics for this track? any help please.


Lift your head high one last time
Victim of emotion, can't you see it?
Lift your head high, Don't you cry
I'll be here, holding up the line

And inside, coz crying's gonna take time
Working out the why
You know in your mind
you take all or leave it behind

It's gonna take time
To believe, to believe
Before you believe it
You just gotta feel it
It's gonna take time

Lift your head high, one more time
Drown in your emotions, Your all right
Lift your head high
One last time
Drown in your emotions
Drown in your emotions
It's gonna take time

It's gonna take time - your all right, yeah
it's gonna take time - your all right, yeah.


not bad :)

Antonia Vsa

I will post the Lyrics - Antonia Lucas : ) x

Road Runner

Does anyone no where you can find the lyrics?