Silence The Messenger Lyrics

A long hard road lies before me, but I can't see the end.
The road to recovery is paved with broken glass but I must walk it home.
The footprints that I've left lead to a broken past.
I'm at the end of the rope been given but it is all that I have.

This is the face you forgot to remember.
A lesson learned in carelessness.
And as a result, we must live with the choices you made.
Now I'm buried in shades of grey.
Now I have been leaving a blood trail,
And I'll let the dogs hunt me down.
So this is it, I stand here with nothing left to lose.

Who would've thought this ran so deep?
This web I weave is filled with contradiction.
I'm buried in shades of grey. Shades of grey...

This is a lesson that we've learned from being careless.
So won't you riddle me this: Oh, God, God when does it end?

How does it feel to be a piece in my puzzle that should not even exist?
I still reach out for an answer, any sign of hope.
I know that I'm coming back empty-handed.
I know that I'm coming back empty-handed.

Now you will see everything I've done is for nothing, but I will leave a blood trail.
Let the dogs hunt me down... hunt me down...

This isn't dead. This isn't over yet. No...

Contributed by Bailey H. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


Haha I live in the same city as these guys. I've seen them live countless times hella sick ass band I might get to share stage with them sometime.

BruceLee Wayne

this is so awesome

justin frazier frazier

dude its a sick ass song


@Kevin0010 @Kevin0010 First off, the bands are on two different wave lengths when it came to album art design. The Sorrow has an effin' wolf front and center. Just because they both look like their in desert with a roving view of the horizon, doesn't make them anywhere near the same. Judge the music aside from the art, especially since neither band made their covers.


Who cares, this is decent music. Lol, always some critic hating on something.


@Kevin0010 This shows how little you know, sir. The artist who made this followed the parameters: desert and buried. Now how do you get from The Sorrow's cover with a wolf and forest in the background to a desert with planks over it. Did The Sorrow all of a sudden get a patent for images with dry soil and desert-like areas? If that is the case, then they could pretty much own the southern half of the US. Shut your complaining and enjoy the music.


@Roybot06 It´s still stolen. The Cover was taken and then some Photoshop makes it what it is. This is not fair!


Cover is stolen from The Sorrow!

josh leblanc

@wormsinfestedfetus not even like suicide silence!! way more talented

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