Like Like the the the Death
Silver Jews Lyrics

Like like the the the death
Air crickets air crickets air crickets air crickets air

Mother and child with magazine
Into a story, into a dream
Why is there something instead of nothing
And how is the asking built into the hunting?

Do you believe in MGM endings
Everybody's coming back to Xmas for Texas
Folks who've watched their mother kill an animal know
That their home is surrounded by places to go
(and the west has made a deal with the sun).

My life at home very day:
Drinking Coke in a kitchen with a dog
Who doesn't even know his name.
Oh right it could've been anyone
Grass rabbits grass rabbits grass rabbits grass rabbits grass

Nobody cares about a dead hooker
Looking like one, standing for money
Life finds a limit at the edge of our bodies
A stranger begins wherever I see her.

Let's live where the indoors and outdoors meet
All the kids in the commonwealth are free.
Every morning you forgive me, every evening you relive me
And the pattern itself is what you give me
(the morning has cut a deal with the east).

Like like the the the death
Air crickets air crickets air crickets air crickets air


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Perfect mood, perfect lyrics, perfect song. This album truly lives up to its name. It's everything good about America.

Dian Wilson

about smart, gentle, thoughtful americans

c michaels

this is just one amazing album... never gets old...


This is incredible. What a loss.
“Folks who’ve watched their mother killing animals know/that their home is surrounded by places to go”


The lyrics on this song are fantastic


"and the morning has made a deal with the east..." i saw steve berman and company in st louis, in what may have been one of there final shows, if not there final tour. i feel pretty fortunate. totally amazing talent and songs. one of the greats, i think, of my generation. thinking back on it, it's kind of bittersweet - cause berman said "we love st louis, and we'll come back. count on it." i'm still waiting...

Joel Dixton

this song is like the partially worded lisps of my subconscious and has the best lyrics of all time bar none


Great upload, and song. So many memories attached to this one.

Frank Bishop

RIP David

Vincent Sellier

It was such a real pleasure to know I would see you live/alive soon. It is such a despair to learn you have taken your life for real. Sadness rules.

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