The Wild Kindness
Silver Jews Lyrics

I wrote a letter to a wildflower
on a classic nitrogen afternoon.
Some power that hardly looked like power
said I'm only perfect in an empty room.

Four dogs in the distance
each stands for a kindness.
Bluebirds lodged in an evergreen altar…
I'm gonna shine out in the wild silence
and spurn the sin of giving in.

Oil paintings of x-rated picnics.
Behind the walls of medication I'm free.
Every falling leaf in a compact mirror
hits a target that we can't see.

Grass grows in the icebox.
The year ends in the next room
It is autumn and my camouflage is dying
instead of time there will be lateness
and let forever be delayed.

I died my hair in a motel void
met the coroner at the Dreamgate Frontier
He took may hand said I'll help you boy
ff you really want to disappear

Four dogs in the distance
each stands for a silence.
Bluebirds lodged in an evergreen altar…
I'm gonna shine out in the wild kindness
and hold the world to its word.


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And The Others
Some find The Light in literature
Others in fine art
And some persist in being sure
The Light shines in the heart.

Some find The Light in alcohol
Some, in the sexual spark
Some never find The Light at all
And make do with the dark

And one might guess that these would be
A gloomy lot indeed
But, no, The Light they never see
They think they do not need.

David Berman, Acutal Air (Poems)

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deliziöse Tiefkühlkost

I hope that you rest easy with the knowledge that u save my life every now and then. RIP david

russel swensen

Shine out in the wild kindness, David. We loved you as best we could. We will miss you more than anyone can ever say.

saint faery

RIP David Berman. So sad to hear he passed away today.


He was very much like me. Apart from he was talented and good looking

King Rat

Makes his new album that much more impactful. RIP :(

kevin kogin

I've been listening to this song constantly. His death has hit me pretty hard.

James Parks

Cant believe this was just in a new episode of ozark , rip david


Damn was it? I am just starting the series and well this makes me happy.
"Grass grows in the icebox
The year ends in the next room" are some of my favorite lyrics from Berman.

b s

On this song David and Stephen truly achieved a kind of grace.

John Zale

I'm perfect in an empty room

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