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Lucky Mojo
by Simone Kopmajer

I should get myself a good luck charm,
It won't hurt, won't do no harm,
Yes, a good luck charm is what I need.

If I meet the man that I adore,
He will love me, that's for sure,
If I tell my lucky Mojo what to do:
And I go,
"Ooh-ooh, make him love me,
Ooh-ooh, would you please make him see,
He's the one for me."

Some may say that he's a perfect freak,
- Just one look and my knees go weak -
He's the man that really blows my mind.

Call me ridiculous, call me insane,
I will love him just the same,
And then I hear him whisper in my ear:
And he goes,
"Ooh-ooh, say you love me,
Ooh-ooh, you're as sweet as can be,
You´re the one for me!
You're the one for me."

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