Whatever Happens
Simone Kopmajer Lyrics

Whatever happens
We'll have some love along the way
But it ain't easy
We'll look for some words of love to say
And smile.mmmmm
It may happen anyway
And we'll kiss before we say 'goodnight'

And whatever happens
They're'll be some time along the way
When it ain't easy
It just can't be sunshine everyday
We'll smile…mmmmm
And be happy, anyway
And we'll kiss before we say 'goodnight'

I've got you in my life
Together we can reach the higher ground
We'll be alright
Just as long as you're around
Girl, I won't let you down

Whatever happens
There'll be some good times, and some bad
But it ain't easy
Let's just remember the good times that we had
And just smile…mmmm
And be happy, anyway
And we'll kiss before we say 'goodnight'

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KateCat 1


Shirlee Hydemorris

so beautiful like you is quite elegantly fine music along with the songstress voice is makes quite a delicious video production

KateCat 1

+Shirlee Hydemorris
Thank you so much for your kind words !! Kate

Quickie JazzThought

Please!!! list the wonderful musicians.

Theodore Angelos

It jus cannot be sunshine everyday ☼ when I'm away, but you've got me in your life, so we'll always be alright and we'll smile! ♥ಠ‿ಠ☀ Beijinhos e abracinhos lindíssimos com muito amor de Munique a Porto pra ti!

KateCat 1

+Theodore Angelos
Beijinhos com muito Amor, querido Amigo!!


Beautiful voice love song
Thank you Kate

KateCat 1




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