Candy Bar Killer
Simone White Lyrics

she was an invitation
a sparkle cartoon cat on red and grey
smiling I know you hate me
but come to my birthday party anyway

sugar in circles on the floor
lipstick balloons on every door
it's such fun to be beautiful and young

he was a nervous finger
that lost it's nerve when the doorbell rang
and they danced to arizona

as the last chaperone disappeared
sangria spit dripping on his ear from her tongue
so beautiful and young

he was a fire engine
she was a cigarette on saturday
there was a yellow bottle
dropping white pills into pink lemonade

now they call her the candy bar killer
for the wrapper she left by his side
it's such fun to be beautiful and young
she cried

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B Truj

This unknown gem should have more views! 💜


great tune

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