I Am The Man
Simone White Lyrics

I used to be angry at the Man
the one with the big frying pan
who takes all the meat and leaves nothing to eat
for the poor with their outstretched hands
but I am the Man I am the Man I am
yes I am the Man I am the Man
I understand
I used to be scared of the government
silencing voices of dissent
but the voices of scared folk will never be heard
open your throat and sing like a bird
cos in my own government I am the president
yes it's my own government I represent
stop pointing the finger (at yourself)
look in the mirror and see how your enemy fell
I used to think I was alone
a motherless child far from home
but the family I found is in everyone
open your heart it's time that you've come
is the house you build with your bones
yes home is the house you build with your bones

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john tennant

excellent,love her voice.not as old as i thought i was,usually humbug to modern music


You have such a beautiful voice! you're amazing!


I love this music!


i dont comment much on youtube music vids, but just want to say your voice and lyrics are brilliant. It really captures what you sing about. great stuff and all the best.


Dang, you are just oozing pure style!


You have such talent with lyrics. Every song I've managed to find of yours has made me think; about issues in the world, re-evalution of opinions and other deep things. I think that's rare in an artist these days. I'm very glad you're singing to the world. Thank you. =)


Music With Integrity That Sounds Good...great to hear that it hasn't bled to death under the yoke of 'commercial' music and artists. I love what you're doing :D (I hate car commercials but I de-mute the tv when the Audi comm. is on). Keep creating wonderful music & videos!


wonderful voice


I remember bumping into this tune when I was a Junior in high school back in 2009. Not too many guys in my school were with the folks scene, least of other latinos. I'm kinda glad I listened to "weird" music then. I developed some good taste in genuine artistry as opposed to mAinstream marketing ear worms.

Simone White

Thank you. That makes me smile. :-)

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